First Grade Visitors

A few weeks ago our building flooded and some of the first grade classes were displaced.  We had the opportunity to welcome some of the first graders in our class.  Our class LOVED having the help of some of the first grade friends.  This was an awesome time for peer tutoring.  Our first grade friends helped us do our pumpkin project.  Here are some pictures…

Leaf Hunt

While talking about the changing of the seasons…we went on a leaf hunt.  We also went on a listening walk.  The students really enjoyed listening to all of the sounds of nature.  Here are some pictures from our leaf hunt.

WOEF Grant Awarded!!!

Our class was awarded a grant from the White Oak Education Foundation!! We will use the money we received to purchase a science activity center and several other supplies and activities for our classroom!! A big THANK YOU to the White Oak Education Foundation! We appreciate all you do for us!

An Apple A Day…

Our class has been exploring apples for the last couple weeks. Here are some pictures of our class using the Apple peeler/corer/slicer. They all thought this little kitchen utensil was the best thing ever!!

Week 5


REMINDERS for ****THIS**** week:

  • Parent Orientation is on Tuesday, September 19, 2017.
  • Picture Day is on Thursday, September 21.  Pre-pay online at LifeTouch–click link below:

What’s going on this week?

  1. Sight Words: see, me (review I, can, like, am, on, the)  Take time each night (less than 10 minutes) to review ALL of these words. Make sure your child can *READ* and *WRITE* this word.
  2. Reading: Sorting and recognizing letters, words, and sentences.  Also, focusing on a *CAPITAL* letters and punctuation.
  3. Writing:  Together (Interactive) and independently working on writing sentences about *FALL* and using our sight words.
  4. Math:  3D Shapes (comparing to 2D shapes), counting to 100, number talks with ten frames, and making groups up to 10 using math manipulatives.
  5. Penmanship:  Numbers and letters–learning to write from TOP to BOTTOM!
  6. Science/Social Studies: Learning about Johnny Appleseed!



Week 3

This is what we will be learning this week:

Sight Words: Review: am, like

Morning Message:

Do you have an Aa in your name? Yes/No (kids will sign their name underneath) We will discuss observations

Did you eat cereal for breakfast? Yes/No (kids will sign their name underneath) We will discuss observations

Do you like the color blue? Yes/No (kids will sign their name underneath) We will discuss observations

Can you tie your shoes? Yes/No (kids will sign their name underneath) We will discuss observations

*Other morning activities: Name activities, Journal Writing, Play-Doh letter stamping, I am ________. with illustration to go with.

Number Corner: Counting 1-20 forward/backward, counting to 100, 1 more/1 less, Ten Frame Subitizing, Calendar (today, tomorrow, yesterday, date)

Interactive Writing: Continue Environmental Print writing to create our class book using I can, I like etc.., Create an Environmental Print Poster, Continuing I can writing from last week.

Reading Skills: Concepts of Print, Parts of a Book (spine, cover, title, back, etc..)

Big Books/Shared Reading: I Like Me/I Can Move

Reading Centers: *We will start practicing rotating using our center folders this week! That will help us when we start small group guided reading soon!

Listening: Listen to Ten Apples Up On Top and complete a response to the story

ABC Center/Word Work: Option 1: I See The Leaves Fall – book working with the word I.

Writing Center: Have to: I can ______. Write the sentence and draw a picture Extra: other options:  tracing names, handwriting, drawing/labeling

Technology: Language Arts Games

Pocket Chart: Matching names with pictures of the friends in our class.

Poetry/Mimio: I Can poem: highlight words/capital letters Mimio: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom sorting capital and lowercase letters

Lightbulb: Phonics pages with the letter Aa and Bb, whiteboard writing, sight word journals: can, like, am

Art: create student’s name with chalk and allow the student to put bright colored paper to make their names.

*Writing Skills: Beginning sentences with a capital letter and using a punctuation mark at the end. We will also be working on our pencil grip. The kiddos will practice opening and closing a clothespin to build strength in their hands.

Writing Anchors: What Gets a Captial?

Independent Writing: Simple Sentences: I can ___. I am ____.

Poems: I Like School/I Am

Things we focus on with our weekly poems:

-Rhyming Words

-Capital Letters


-Sight Words

-Fluency (reading smoothly, not like a robot, and sounding like we talk)

-Word Chunks etc…

Penmanship: Numbers 3-4 and letters A-B

Math Focus: Number Sense/Composing and Decomposing #s/Shapes (comparing attributes)

Number Talks:

-Subitizing Ten Frames (What do you see? How do you see it?)

-They will justify why they think it is a certain #. We will then discuss different ways to make that number (tally marks, objects, domino, dice, ten frame, number path, fingers, etc..)

Classroom Routines:

-Subitizing Cards Game

Math Anchors: Ways to Make 5

Math Lessons:

-Ten Apples Up on Top

-Comparing 2D/3D shapes

-Make What You See using Ten Frames

Math Centers:

-Apple Counting

-Apples Measuring How Tall You Are

-Numbers 1-10 Puzzles

-P.Stick/Paperclips Counting

-Apple Race

-Roll and Record

Math Journals:

-Make 5

-Make 4

-Make 6

-Make 10

Science/Social Studies:

Rules, Kindness

Great Start!

We are off to a great start this year!  Meet the teacher was a great success.  I am sharing several pictures of our “NEWEST NECKS” at our photo booth.


I am so excited to have your kiddo in my class this year!  I’m looking forward to a great year!