We Made It!!

We made it thru the first full week of school.  I can’t wait to see my kiddos tomorrow after they’ve had time to rest up this weekend.  Soon I will be sharing some pictures that I took last Friday.  We had a blast playing with slime!!

Here is a look into our upcoming week of learning:

Morning Activities:

-Letters in my name/not in my name

-I am _______ book

-Journal Writing I can _______. (using a picture)

-Tracing the sight word can

-Matching Capital/Lowercase Letters

Morning Routines:

-Brain Gym

-I love you ritual: Twinkle, Twinkle

-Well Wisher/Safe Keeper Box

-Review our general rules:

We will use watching eyes, listening ears, kind words, gentle touches, and walking feet

-Make Commitments

-Practice breathing strategies

-New Sight Words: I, Can

Read Alouds:

–The Way I Feel

Activity: When someone is bugging me I can….

Ruthie and the Not so Teeny Tiny Lie

Honesty lesson

Dan the Flying Man (locating sight words I, can, -an word family, rhyming words, capital letters/punctuation)

Where Things Grow

The Very Hungry Caterpillar (listening center)

I Can Move (sight word book)

Ten Black Dots

-We will also discuss the 3 Ways to Read a Book and practice:


We Will begin introducing our literacy centers this week. We will go over them each in detail and practice. The centers the kiddos will learn this week include pocket chart, ABC/Word Work, Poetry/MIMIO, and Library/Listening.

-Independent Activities:

-Name Match

-Cut up Name w/illustration

-Poem: Every Body Has a Name

-Name to Picture Match

-Name Building

-Interactive Writing:

We will practice writing I can ______. together referencing our I Can Move sight word reader.

We will be teaching about happy/sad and scared/angry this week. We will focus on what our faces look like when we feel certain ways. We will also practice how to calm if we ever feel sad, scared or angry.


Number Corner

-Calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting forward/backwards and by tens, 1 more/1 less, days in school

Number Talks:

We will begin practicing our hand signals that we use during number talks.

I will also introduce number talk vocabulary posters.

Some activities include: subitizing (seeing and knowing the number right away) within 5 using ten frames, rekenreks and dot cards.

-Math Fun

-Different ways to make a number

-Continuing to explore math manipulatives

-Our Class Name Graph

-Let’s Show 1 to 4 in different ways

-Making a creation using black dots (referencing the book Ten Black Dots)

-Number Match

Writer’s Workshop:

-Journals and Dry Erase Boards: Writing I can _______.

Social Studies/Science (we rotate weekly):

-Class Mascot Sharing Journal

-Share Family Pictures

-Share Environmental Print

Fun Friday:

Shaving Cream on tables!!!!!!

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