Field Day

Special thanks to Coach Underwood for an awesome Kindergarten Field Day! Our students had a wonderful time.  I enjoyed having fun with the kiddos outside of our classroom! I only got one picture of each team…and this is before they got soaked!!  Oh…and I’m excited to say…Mrs. Wingo’s Class ROCKED the Tug-of-War games!!! We won all 3 matches!! Way to go kiddos!

EcoLand Field Trip

Our students had a great time on the field trip to EcoLand!  They were fully engaged the entire time and they absolutely loved it! This was an awesome experience for our kindergarten students!

The students were able to explore the outdoor investigation station.



One of the stations allowed the students to explore and observe real worms…


They used a magnifying glass as a tool to observe bugs and plants up close.


Each student was able to create a boat in the Water pod.  After each student made their boat we tested them to see if the boat would float down the river. The students used their imagination and creativity to make their boats.



More pictures of the outdoor investigation station.  They absolutely loved this!

Some even used binoculars to find things far away!


They found a bird’s nest in the bottom of a pole!

Sorting bugs!

Stamping with different outdoor items.


Fun with moon sand!