What’s Going On This Week!!


Sight Words: saw, review all other sight words

Morning Message: initial, middle, and final sounds in cvc words/Digraphs/Blends (We always focus on several other things such as chunking rhyming words, punctuation/capitalization etc…)

Interactive Writing: I plan to include how to pick a focus point in our writing and just write about that. As I model, I am going to show the students how to listen for initial sounds in words. For example, if I want to write the sentence: My little girl played ball. I would model sounding out the beginning sound of the words and not worry about the rest. I would still write it the correct way. My goal is to get the kiddos past asking, “Mrs. Wingo, how do you spell _______?” I want them to write what they hear! If they want to write: I can read a book, it is okay with me if it looks like: “I can r a b.”

Poems: Happy Birthday

Things we focus on with our weekly poems:

-Rhyming Words

-Capital Letters


-Sight Words

-Word Chunks etc…

Reading Skills: Inferencing/Asking and Responding to questions about texts read aloud

Writing: Love is……/Independent Writing (picking a focus)

Writing Skill Focus: Capital letters in appropriate places and spacing between words.

Guided Reading: I will start the week by completing the TPRI (Texas Public Reading Inventory) on each individual student. We do this test 3 times a year and this will be the 2nd time. I will not be able to meet with reading groups this week until I get this test completed. However, I will let them choose a book that is on their level to bring home. Keep in mind, they will not have read with me in small group. I am hoping to knock the testing out by Tuesday, so I can get back to teaching small group reading on Wednesday!

Math: Number Sense/Problem Solving

Skills: 1 more/1 less, Comparing, Counting, Addition

Brainpopjr: Comparing Numbers

Mimio: Problem Solving

Math Anchors: Reviewing Comparing Sets of Numbers

Science: Groundhog Day

-Predicting: Will the groundhog see his shadow? Discuss results.

-Groundhog poem/books