Here’s an idea of what we are learning this week:

Sight Words: said, here (I have some fun songs that go with these 2 words, so get ready for your kiddo to come home singing!)

Morning Message: Initial/Final Sounds/Sight Word Fill in the Blank/Stretching Out Words/Reviewing: capitalization/punctuation

Number Corner: Calendar Activities/Counting Practice (forwards and backwards), comparing #s (more than, less than, equal to), 1 less and 1 more than a given #

Big Books: Snowmen at Night and other winter themed books

Interactive: New Year Resolutions/Winter Stories

Poem: I’m a Little Snowman

Reading: Reviewing: Syllables/Analyzing characters and their actions, story elements

We will also be discussing Beginning, Middle, and End and making predictions!

Writing: New Year Resolution/Winter Story

Review what writers do: Think, Draw, Label, Write


-2D/3D shapes (analyze attributes, compare, etc)

-more than, less than, equal to

-1 more, 1 less

Number Talks:

-Ways to make 10 using magnetic red/yellow counters

-Ways to make 7

-Using illustrations to come up with addition sentences Ex. 2+2+1=5

-Addition Number Sentences

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